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Manhattan Library

Manhattan Library

Manhattan Library is located on the second floor of the Manhattan Shopping Centre. The total area of the library centre amounts 830 square metres. This subsidiary will house the collections of the subsidiary of the WiMBP from Wrzeszcz: the subsidiaries No. 1, 21, 38 and the Comic Studio.

Manhattan Library, apart from conventional library services is to fulfil the role of a media library. The library provides traditional collections (the initial book collection includes 50,000 volumes) and multimedia collections: music, audiobooks and films. The initial multimedia library collection includes 1,500 units ready to be borrowed. The library is equipped with game consoles and computer stands for the readers.

Manhattan Library is one of the main places which promote reading in Tri-City. A rich cultural programme, workshops and meetings of varied themes are just sample forms of the new library's activities. This is an ideal place for organising large festival events related with a novel, such as: ‘With a book on the travels. Pomeranian meetings of writers with young readers’ or 'Baltic Sea Comic Festival'.

Manhattan Library is also a contact point for the Card to Culture. The reader will find there all information about the cultural events where the Card is well recognised.

The strategic objective of the Voivodeship and City Library in Gdansk is the creation of a modern library centre with a wide scope of services adapted to the needs of users at any age. 

This modern library is also an information centre, a meeting place and a place for active participation in the culture. Open, friendly-arranged space and rich library with free access to the shelves, an attractive range of additionally offered classes as well as professional staff – such a library centre is being established in the Manhattan Shopping Centre and it perfectly completes the existing offer of the shopping centre, which as one of the few, combines cultural and commercial activities.